The Kissing Booth – A Netflix Original That Will Make You Smile

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Kissing Booth (2018) – A Netflix Original That Will Make You Smile

With the myriad of YA novels there are at writer’s disposal, it’s no wonder so many are adapted into films. One of the most recent to befall this honor (or if you always prefer the book, perhaps it’s a “curse” in your book) is a little story called The Kissing Booth.

Unlike most kids, Shelly “Elle” Evans' (Joey King) childhood hasn't been an easy one. Once she had a happy and whole family, but that was before she watched her mother deteriorate before her eyes, and spent half her time in a hospital room. Now it’s just Elle, her father and little brother. Through it all Elle’s best friend, Lee (Joel Courtney) remains by her side. Ups, downs and everything in-between, Lee never lets Elle stop dancing. Theirs is a friendship to last forever.

Despite its roots, their friendship still has rules. Rule number  one: they aren’t allowed to date their besties' relatives. The problem is Lee’s elder brother, Noah (Jacob Elordi) has been the object of Elle’s school girl crush these past few years. Now, as a 16-year-old girl, Elle finds this rule a little bit challenging. You see she still has a crush on Noah, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to hide this from everyone…

With popular streaming services jumping in to create original films, nowadays, going to the box office is almost unnecessary. Sure, you miss the “bigness” of the experience and if you’re into that sorta’ thing, the 3D effects, but when there are hundreds of films on your own TV, it’s easy to pick one and stay in. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the movie going experience, but sometimes finding a new flick to enjoy on Neflix is the best feeling. The Kissing Booth is the third or fourth original movie I’ve seen under the Netflix name, and of course, I have opinions.

Based on the young adult novel of the same name, The Kissing Booth is a kaleidoscope of things. It’s sappy. It’s cute. It’s silly. It’s poignant. It’s a little bit inappropriate, and it’s also perfect summertime storytelling. Until I started watching the film, I don’t think I remembered or knew this was based on a novel. Because of this, I’ve not read the book, which I suspect does differ from this script. Since this is all I have to go on, I will say, there is something entertaining and “magical” about the plot.

To begin, I like the plot and the inlaid idea of there being a kissing booth as an integral plot.There isn’t a story (that I can remember) I’ve seen – either cinematic or otherwise, that doesn't use some type of familiar trope. The Kissing Booth is the same. Imperfect though it is, it's also lots of fun, and I read it also happens to be one of Netflix's (at this time) most popularly streamed film. With it's lighthearted feeling, and the surprising importance it places on friendship, it's not hard to see why. 

With its open-ended conclusion, this film won't suit everyone, but for those of us wanting something cute, this scenario presents us with a fun 90-some minutes. This experience is good enough for me.

Content: There are three-five uses of the f-word alongside some other commonplace profanity. A 16-year-old winds up having an intimate relationship with her boyfriend; we see lots of making out, clothing removal, etc. TV-14 is the rating for The Kissing Booth.

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  1. I have seen this on Netflix before. I didnt know that it was adapted from a book. I'm glad that you enjoyed the film.

    1. It's really cute if you want something lighthearted and "silly," Carlyn. I've not read the book, but it's fun knowing that's where the story comes from. :)

      Glad you stopped by!!


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