Set It Up - A Charming New Netflix Comedy in the Workplace

Monday, July 9, 2018

Set It Up (2018) Re - A Charming New Netflix Comedy in the Workplace

Sometimes what a girl needs is a quiet evening in, some comfort food and Netflix. 

(OK, so I admit this is me 99% of the time. Told you guys, I'm a simple girl!) 

When this kind of wish hits, discovering there's an all-new Netflix original is THE best feeling. Ever. This was the case as I browsed my streaming services one night only to see nothing I a. hadn't already seen or b. something that just didn't "feel" like the right fit (aka something I wasn't in the mood for). Then, the light bulb went on and I remembered: Netflix's new romcom was supposed to be out!

NETFLIX REVIEW | When We First Met (2018) – Netflix’s Romantic-Comedy Repeats its Love Story

As I clicked over to Netflix, there it was on their homepage, big, bold and exactly what I was looking for. 

As I hit play and settled in, I was hooked before five minutes pass. Despite it's flaws (and adult content), it's safe to say, Set It Up (which, by the way, is the title of this film I've been gushing over - I haven't told you that yet, have I?) is one of my most favorite romantic-comedies from recent years. It's sassy, sharp and all-around satisfying within its genre. 

As someone else recently noted, Netflix is reviving the rom-com, and I'm loving it.

It's the kind of film that doesn't take itself too seriously, and I love this. Plus, the cast! Oh, my word. The cast is brilliant. Zoey Deutch needs to be in all the brilliant romcoms. She's ideal for this role. The story follows two overworked (and overlooked!) loyal assistants who team up to set up their workaholic bosses. The goal? To get their bosses out of the office so Harper (Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) can actually have a life!


The short of it is, the story is adorable as is the meet-cute. Here I'll end my gushing. But this is under blogger protest! Below you can find the links to my official review which appears on Silver Petticoat. Tell me, did you see this one? Are you keeping tabs on Netflix's originals? Are you excited about any of them? What are your favorite Netflix binges? Comment all the thoughts below!

One of Netflix’s new titles available to stream under their “Netflix original” banner is the romantic-comedy Set It Up. With its cheerful heroine and snappy wit, it’s imperfect but also really entertaining!

The story is all set into motion when two overworked assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) meet (in what is, an adorably cute meet-cute by the way). You see Harper is desperate to present to her boss the dinner she expects (preferably ten minutes ago). Only trouble is, Harper doesn’t have her wallet, and Delivery Guy is having none of it. Into the office lobby, strolls Charlie, who is also desperate to find food for his demanding boss. The difference is, Charlie has cash. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

(Content: this one does have some crude sexual content, and conversation. There's also some profanity, including 1-2 uses of the F-word. Set it Up is rated TV-14.)


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2018

    How to watch netflix in China?

  2. This movie was so adorable. It was exactly what I was looking to watch when it hit Netflix. I couldn't help but laugh throughout the movie. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too, Abby! It was EXACTLY what I needed. Cannot wait for Netflix's next romcom. :)

  3. I am new to the on demand type TV viewing, but my husband and I recently joined Amazon Prime, need to find some good shows to watch!

    1. Hope you discover some great ones, Patty - and yay for Amazon Prime! I have a post coming of things I'm watching on Prime. I just have to give it some polish. :)


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