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Author Spotlight is a bi-weekly series that introduces readers to an author, and focuses on an upcoming or just-released novel along with their prior works.

At Finding Wonderland, we love the discovery of new authors. The joy of a new novel is nothing short of a thrilling adventure with each turn of a page. The purpose of this feature is to put a spotlight on authors publishing on smaller or Indie platforms, but we also want to spotlight traditionally published authors with a wider recognition. If there’s an author you’d like to see in this feature, you are welcome to nominate them in the form below. Please, make note of the qualifications and requirements.

+ Before nominating, please be sure you are familiar with the genres/type of books we review. These include:

                   - Contemporary Romance (Both Inspirational and General Market)
                   - Fairytale and/or Fantasy Fiction
                   - Historical Fiction (Inspirational)
                  - Indie Fiction
                  - YA Fiction (Both Inspirational and General Market)
                  - All Books are of the "PG13" variety and the content there is needs to
                 serve a purpose(i.e., not be for "shock" value.)
+ If you'd like to see more genres/types of books reviews here, visit the archives.
If the author's novels fit into these specifications, please nominate them down below. If we find them a good fit, you might see them spotlighted on Finding Wonderland.

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