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On this page, I have documented my review policy. If you'd like to read through the reviews already posted to this blog - everything from Christian to secular/teen fiction, please take a look at the book archives. If you are interested in seeing a book reviewed here or have a request, please read through the review policy.

  • What I read:
+ Christian fiction (suspense, late 1800's/1900's historical, romance, contemporaries)
+ Secular fiction (contemporaries, romance; or novels chosen at my discretion)
+ Young adult/teen novels
  • The ratings: Books here receive a "scale" rating from 1 (being the lowest) up to 5

  • The review: In a review, though I cannot promise that it will be all positive, what I can say for certainty is the review will be an honest assessment of what I thought; I share thoughts the book left me contemplating, what the characters meant (if I related to any), the details (historical settings or descriptive costuming), the story itself as well as any other quirks that may have been impacting or amusing. Also included are the books "stats" (publisher, genre) plus a publisher's synopsis. The review will also be posted to Amazon, Goodreads and shared on several times on Twitter plus Pinterest and Google+

  • ARCs: If you are interested in sending me an ARC (print copy) to review, I would also be happy to read and review it. Also, if you have a specific date during which you're like the book reviewed/promoted, please let me know.  (I won't sell the ARC, however depending on the book, I may give a copy away unless I am asked not to.)
Recommended books will be denoted by the star symbol: ★

In compliance with the FTC, nearly all of the books I receive and review are complimentary copies from the author, publisher or publicists. If they are books I've purchased, there will be no disclaimer at the bottom of the review.

If you are interested in seeing your current book reviewed here, or if you have a review request/suggestion please contact me: dreamer13[at]frontier[dot]com

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