the girl behind the blog

Hey, there! I am an auburn-haired (thanks L'Oreal!) 20-something Midwesterner.

here's a little more about me; I am...

an aspiring writer 
the girl who wears heels with jeans
a Silver Petticoat contributor (a.k.a an amazing hybrid online publication) 
an INSPYs Advisory Board member
confirmed bookaholic who's passionate about words and writing – which may explain why I make up conversations between my current characters in my head (this can be quite inconvenient)
a girl with an Internet photo phobia
fan of the "meet-cute" and happy-ever-afters
amateur photographer
amateur graphic designer

When I'm not typing away at my keyboard or working as a jewelry designer (Etsy), spending quality time with my wonderful family is a favorite pastime.

You, the readers and wonderful friends never cease to brighten my day with a cheerful comment or encouraging word and you are an endless source of inspiration, so thank you.

Here are some of my favorite things: abc's crime drama, Castle // blogging // bright, beautiful crisp days // costume dramas // dancing with the stars // fairytales // friends // inspy's // music // novels // olicity // photography // rainy days // romantic comedies // simple joys // starbucks // team mckenna // writing

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  1. Love the new blog look, girlie! You make me want to come back and visit more often:) haha Sorry for not already doing that...don't feel like it's because I don't enjoy your blog. It's seriously one of my favorites. Keep up the good work, hun!


  2. THANKS, Raquel! I hope it's user-friendly. :)

    Thank you for your kind words; I appreciate them. Your blog is also a fun read and each time I visit I enjoy it. Love your visits anytime and your insightful words - thanks for being a part of its readership. :)


  3. I find I am very fond of several of your favorite things -- namely, DWTS and photography. And Castle. And blogging and costume dramas. And Team McKenna. And fairytales and friends. And...well, let's just face it. The whole thing. I agree. All the way.

    I forgot that you live in the too! And now I'm terribly curious about how close we are -- feel like we've discussed this and I've forgotten. :P ;) So it goes. Love ya and so glad to be back here connecting with you on all our favorite things again!!! :D

  4. Oh, I love how you said how inconvenient it is when you carry on conversations between characters in your head. I do that too--though most of it ends up being out loud as long as I'm alone :)

  5. Charity - ...and I cannot say how fun our crazy DWTS chats are. Always enjoy those. :) Love photography, wish I was more inventive with that creative outlet. As for Castle, all that can be said is: SHE'D BETTER SAY YES! ;)

    It's great to "meet" friends who share common interests. Makes getting to know you that much more fun. :)

    Yes, the good ol' Midwest. I think we have talked about that before, not sure. I'm pretty much in the "middle" of the country, or maybe a little bit "too" East for that. ;)

    Same here - love ya' and these chats. You were indeed missed, girl. Glad to have you back. :)

    Hannah - LOL, I have these "long" convos in my head between characters and then don't go WRITE THEM DOWN. *sigh* Silly me.


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