Carrie Underwood: Good Girl

Saturday, February 25, 2012

About the Song:
Released: 2012
Writing Credits: Carrie Underwood, Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley
Label: 19 Recordings
Genre: Country, Pop
Debut: #1

My Thoughts: although “Good Girl” has a ring of familiarity to it, it does not diminish how awesome this track is – seriously. Each time I listen to it, I like it more. (I’ve probably listened to it half-a-dozen times since its release Thursday!) As early reviews have claimed, Carrie nails this song – yet again. In much the tradition of her prior tracks, I don’t feel like we are being asked to listen to a song that has been sung time and again only with different titles and words (example being “Cowboy Casanova”) but rather another destined-to-become-number-one-single from an artist who is multi-talented.

The message of the song itself has a good-bad vibe going for it. On the one hand, it is encouraging girls to stay away from guys that are “bad news” but on the other hand, in getting there, some of the lines aren’t always above criticism. At its best, the song tries to steer ladies in the direction of relationships that involve a “hand you can hold” and a marriage with a “white wedding.” Plus its message isn’t double-sided like the title might suggest. I was expecting a girl-power song in which the “good girl” was one who was labeled as such but underneath was really a wild thing. Instead it is an anthem about a girl “with a heart of gold” recognizing when something (a relationship) is not good and the signs that should lead us to walk away. If I had to pick, I’d chose this song over her “Cowboy Casanova” from Play On any day.

Carrie sounds fabulous on this single – at the top of her game, as does the easy, breezy tempo of the song; the hand-claps and little hints of rock-tempo that come through in the song just seem to “complete” the singer’s current single, which is also the first off of her upcoming, untitled fourth studio album. If this is any indication of what the American Idol alum has in store for fans, I will be counting down the days for the release of said album.

The Lyrics: His lips are dripping honey but he’ll sting you like a bee / So lock up all your lovin’ go and throw away the key / Hey good girl / Get out while you can / I know you think you got a good manHey good girl / You got a heart of gold / You want a white wedding and a hand you can hold / Just like you should girl / Like every good girl does / Want a fairytale ending / Somebody to love


  1. I just bought this!! And yes, I have listened to it four times already =D I do love some of the catchy tunes that might not have the most positive of message (like "Temporary Home" "Mama's Song" for example)....yet I don't care =D

    And you and me both....I am counting down the days for her new CD!!!

  2. I like it {I just listened to it on youtube}'s not really my thing... I mean, the lyrics are great, but I'm not into the country/pop thing :P ...But I do like her "Before He Cheats" :)
    It's not one of her "cleanest" but...I just like it :)}

  3. LOVE this song! Thanks for sharing about it =) Went and bought it!

  4. Ella - I was only half-interested in the song when I heard Carrie had a new single to promote her new album. Something about it just didn't appeal to me - but then after each listen I loved it!

    Cannot wait until that May 1st album release. =)

    Trinka - that's cool; I love a variety of music. Until about six or seven years ago, I wasn't all that "into" country music either but my cousin kind of got me interested and ever since then, I've found several artists who I enjoy within the genre.

    "Before He Cheats" does have a catchy beat but as you say, it isn't the "cleanest" of Carrie's signature songs - still as long as we keep that in perspective, it's a fun listen. =D

    Natalie - cool! Glad you enjoy this one too. ;D

  5. I like this song. :D

    1. You and me both, Lydia. :)


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