When Calls the Heart Recap, Be Enchanted by THE Episode Fans Have Waited For in "My Heart Will Go On"

Monday, March 27, 2017

Ordinarily, I don't share my recaps from Silver Petticoat on Finding Wonderland. Or when I do, it's not the entire series. But currently, I'm recapping When Calls the Heart every Monday over there. If you follow this show, you know last night's episode was THE episode fans of this period drama have been waiting for. The promos said this was the episode viewers couldn't miss, a kind warning that was with very good reason.

Sunday's "My Heart Will Go On" episode broke hearts with its bittersweet conclusion, but through the tears, it also puts a wide smile on our faces as we experience THE moment we've waited four (very long) years for and hear those sweet, long-awaited four little words.
You are my life. You are my everything.

If you watch this show you know exactly what I mean. If you're behind, well then, steer clear of this recap. It's all spoiler-y with all of the goodness that was yesterday's episode. If you have seen it and still want to gush, rant or swoon over the episodes beauty, read onward or comment down below. I'd love to chat it up.
I would wait an eternity for you.
When Calls the Heart, My Heart Will Go On Recap – Partings and a Standout Romantic Moment (Worth Waiting For)

Elizabeth Thatcher’s life is in disarray. Or that’s where last week left her. She was distraught over the idea of leaving her pupils as their teacher while the end returned to her a sense of purpose. One that includes tutoring her students so that they can better excel under their newly appointed, but harsh teacher. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat → 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love this show! I don't have cable though so I have to wait until our library or Netflix gets it to watch new seasons :(

    1. Hope you enjoy this season, Alyssa - it's been so sweet and charming. :)


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